For us the special is standard

Ceresoli Utensili, founded in 1964 as an artisan company originally specialized in the regrinding of standard tools, has gradually established itself in the design and manufacture of special tools, based on its own drawings and those of customers, such as:

≥ step tips
≥ profile and shaped mill cutters
≥ knife blades
mechanically fastened tools
≥ shear blades and blades for mill
discs for pulverizers
micro tools
tools in general for processing steel, wood and fibre, up to the production of polycrystalline diamond tools.

The availability of a technical department capable of designing perfect solutions for specific problems, highly skilled workers and advanced equipment allow CERESOLI UTENSILI to stand out on the market for the quality and efficiency of its products.
The regrinding and coating of standard tools, to which an innovative department for regrinding gear and gearing tools was recently added, remains a task of primary importance, followed with care and increasing commitment by our company.

We use only CNC equipment and machines of the latest generation for tool construction and/or regeneration.

CERESOLI UTENSILI bases its success not only on technical innovation, but it also considers partnership with the customer extremely important. This relationship means cooperation aimed at meeting the customer’s production requirements, even with highly customized solutions. CONTACT US! Are you interested in this type of services or products?
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